About us

PT Delapan Empat Sakti is committed to continuously develop and improve the quality and quantity of production, so as to meet the demand of domestic market and successfully penetrating the global market.

Since established in August 2008 in Bandung, West Java, which is the center of textile industry in Indonesia, PT. Delapan Empat Sakti has doubled its workforce from 100 employees up to 7 times as much. Aside from helping the economy of the surrounding community, employees of PT. Delapan Empat Sakti regularly equipped with knowledge and training to become a superior, skilled, and qualified labor.

PT. Delapan Empat Sakti also collaborates with several large companies to manufacture and supply goods in the hospitality world such as hotel linens (towels, hand towels, math towels), hotel amenities, divan,  springbed mattresses, clothes, polyester staple fiber-based products such as Low Density Padding (LDP), High Density Padding (HDP), Insulation and Cardid Fiber.
To support some of the finished products produced and ensure the availability of fabric and non-woven products, PT. Delapan Sakti also has several sister companies located in Bandung and Central Java.